Web Marketing.. when it first began.. was simply Marketing online.

There has for 100s, if not 1000s, of years been a need and practice of Marketing.

The best marketing is almost transparent, and simply allows customers to connect with products and services, and then refer other people, in a way that is effective and easy.

Originally if a merchant was transacting, it was easy for the community to police what was being done, and to share best practice with each other. Over time, this ease of use became more challenging as people and merchants traded over a wider area of space.

People discovered through experimentation, testing and optimization methods which by themselves were powerful. Influence – by Robert Cialdini – being a good example.

When times become difficult, and challenging, and people approach desperation then the need for ethics and values is important, as otherwise the worst case is that people look to cheat and steal vs add value and serving.

We’ll be sharing stories and examples of Why? the need for Ethical Web Marketing as insights over time.

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