The Domain Dashboard

The Domain Dashboard is a great web app for managing online web domains – your own domains, your own social media information You can get a £1 trial at and this allows people to really see how functional the web app is.

£1 trials are becoming more and more standard, and something which when used reputably,
is a great way to give real ethical marketing.

The FREEmium model has been overused at times, and many people are always looking for FREE. The danger being that when there is no exchange of value, the perception of value is often also missed.

The Domain Dashboard has a real company behind it, and can be contacted via the website or phone. There are credible and real case studies and a strong online presence.

Intelligent Influence – Judy Rees

Judy Rees is a good example of a real person with strong history and content moving into the world of web marketing.

She is currently launching which will be a good example to talk through, and review how the launch works in practice, and what is happening that is designed to help customers and be authentic.

The most obvious elements for the that make it an Ethical Web Marketing launch are:

  • Contact details – – Judy is making it easy for people to get in touch. This is often missing for many sites.
  • Clear testimonials from real people – there are video testimonials that are clearly from real named people, and can be followed up with on social media accounts etc.. so that these are not “actors”.
  • Clear history – Judy Rees is very real and known in the space of NLP, Influence and others.
  • Use of a professional mailing software – this has a double opt-in and unsubscribe options.
  • Clear content rich value being delivered.

It will be interesting to see the feedback that this launch gets, and what people think as to where this sits in the scale of “ethical web marketing”, but in my view is a good example of Web Marketing done with Ethics.