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Code of Ethics

The article / info below has been released  under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, by Ken Harthun. I think it’s worth reading.. and on point: It has come to my attention and the attention of many of my Internet Marketing colleagues that a huge percentage of people in our community are operating in […]

Follow Up

Follow Up is an essential element of modern business. The Web and automation makes it possible and practical for any business from a new start  up one man business to a hugh multi-location enterprise to engage with customers, vendors and partners. On the plus side.. Who wouldn’t like a reminder about – birthday’s, valentines, holidays, […]


You may have experienced a “Launch”, if so, what was your experience of it? A Launch is for the sake of this conversation, the systematic and strategic roll out, of a marketing funnel and process online, with coordinated dates for the original access to the marketing information, and with strategic processes used to encourage interest, and purchase. […]

The Domain Dashboard

The Domain Dashboard is a great web app for managing online web domains – your own domains, your own social media information You can get a £1 trial at www.TheDomainDashboard.com and this allows people to really see how functional the web app is. £1 trials are becoming more and more standard, and something which when […]

Intelligent Influence – Judy Rees

Judy Rees is a good example of a real person with strong history and content moving into the world of web marketing. She is currently launching http://intelligentinfluence.com/ which will be a good example to talk through, and review how the launch works in practice, and what is happening that is designed to help customers and […]