You may have experienced a “Launch”, if so, what was your experience of it?

A Launch is for the sake of this conversation, the systematic and strategic roll out, of a marketing funnel and process online, with coordinated dates for the original access to the marketing information, and with strategic processes used to encourage interest, and purchase.

They have become synonymous with “product launches”, in the areas of web marketing, where a program for $1997 is launched with a suit of high powered tier 1 and 2 JV partners and with a team of launch managers, copy optimisation, JV brokers and more participating.

The interest in launches has been heightened  by the fact that it became increasingly easy to produce 6 and 7 figure pay days.

In how many businesses are $1m+ transactions occur, with relative certainty?

The challenge is that, what was new and exciting, has become market standard.

The need for new launches to fuel this from the launcher’s perspective, has resulted in more and more “hype” and “false scarcity”. At worse this results in large refunds, cancellation policies, and damaged brands.

There are psychological factors that support the use of launches from the marketers perspective:

  • Social Proof – When you see all your “friends” talking about something it makes it credible (in perception”)
  • Fear of Loss – When everyone else is taking advantage and you are not, then the fear of loss is engaged, and this very primal human emotion is one of the core values that is very difficult to overcome.

In banking and business, this can often be seen as arbitrage vs business building.

Launches when successful, grow a larger customer base, and are used to launch a new product, service, brand into the market place, which plans for longevity.

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