Follow Up

Follow Up is an essential element of modern business.

The Web and automation makes it possible and practical for any business from a new start  up one man business to a hugh multi-location enterprise to engage with customers, vendors and partners.

On the plus side..

  • Who wouldn’t like a reminder about – birthday’s, valentines, holidays, linked to your personal preferences
  • Who wouldn’t want to know that insurance was about to run out, and be given 3 options that are well researched and cheaper
  • Who wouldn’t want a reminder of the dentist appointment, child healthcare visits

On the negative side..

  • Being emailed 1000000 times about links and things you don’t want
  • Be offered “support” for male virility at a work account ..
  • Having your main focus be distracted time after time..

Creating an optimal follow up sequence, is one of the keys to real Web Domination.

There are a number of software solutions such as:

To have them really work well, the overall approach needs to be holistic and customer driven.

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